Couplet: The Star Seeker / His Woman, The Fish

The Star Seeker

For two thousand years I have stood here, waiting. My flesh has leathered and turned to stone. My feet are buried under the soil, becoming roots deep in the earth that sustain me and hold me strong. The air is salty, misty, arid, then humid. All of life chirps and flutters around me, painstaking and incomprehensibly fast. Other hearts beat, grow, move on, die. I wait. You belong to the stars. You are there in the ocean of time. I wait. The world swirls around me, changes and grows. Day and night, winter and summer, passing like an eye blink. I become a fossil of my own self. I cannot be moved. I am waiting. You have left me here, and I wait. Take me to the stars with you.

His Woman, The Fish 

I left her there to grow. She was not ready. She was fins, not yet feet, not yet air. As I journeyed, I knew her kind and what she could become. I could love her. I left her instructions to be patient, to grow and wait. I never promised to come back. Now life surrounds her and she stays still, rooted, unchanging. She looks to the stars while I scout them and revel in my journey. She has become motionless. Without motion, what I could love is gone. I cannot return. She must yet grow her own wings.


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