The Best of All Possible Worlds

There are hundreds of recordings.

Years ago, I started the search. I found a way to breach the distance between all possible realities. Every day I send a message across the universes to a different version of me. I am searching every existences I have lived for versions of me who didn’t make that one mistake. Each time I find one it gives me hope, just to know that somewhere out there we were happy together.

When I send the message through space and time it simply says, “how are things with him?”. I have never needed to give clarification.

Sometimes, when I get the message back, they tell me that it never happened or that it didn’t work out. Sometimes they are happy and sometimes they are sad. Occasionally one will gleefully explain how good things are.

In my favourite recording, both he and I give a message together. I look different, more alive. He looks the same as he always does. They smile, they blush, they tell me that everything worked out wonderfully. Sometimes I play this tape over at night until I cry.

I wonder if I will ever be as lucky as my countless other selves who made better choices.


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